Saturday, 18 January 2014

How To Wear: Oversized shirts

I was brought this BEAUTIFUL Topman, white and light blue checkered shirt about 2 years ago by my Aunty, but it was about three sizes too big, so I never wore it, and kept it tucked in the back of my wardrobe. This was until last month, when I was having a clear-out of my closet, and tried this bad-boy on. 

I instantly realised how nice it was, and what I was missing out on.. and after trying on various outfit combinations, this is how I how wear it...

 For trousers, I really like super skinny jeans paired with either an oversized jumper, sweat or in this case a shirt - so I wore my super skinny jeans from ASOS, in either my black or navy pair.

For jacket, I either like to wear my Topman Green Parka, for a more casual look, or my ASOS Black Duffle Coat, for a smarter look.

..and finally for shoes, I would usually wear my Nike (from ASOS) grey shoes, if, again, I'm going for a casual look, or either my Lacoste Blue 'Marcel' shoes, or my Lacoste Grey 'Pyron Col' shoes, for a smarter look.

Everything in that is still available I will link below, but as the shirt and green parka are old, I have included some alternatives that I have found (just remember if you want the shirt oversized then get it in a few sizes bigger). 

Shirts: Very similar Blue and White here - Red here or here - Red, Blue and White here - 

Jeans: Black here or Navy here

Jackets: Duffle coat here or Parka here

Shoes: Nike here or Lacoste Grey here and Blue alternatives here (Blue no longer available so alternatives I'm afraid!) 

P.S If I wanted to wear a bag, I would go for my Topman Plain Black Rucksack, to not draw attention away from the shirt, or the rest of the outfit. Link here (which is an alternative as mine is no longer available).

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