Friday, 18 April 2014

Diving Into My Desk

Having recently created an office for myself at home, I've been super busy organising my desk into my new little haven.

I love having my own place where I can study and do work without it all getting unorganised and cluttered with all the stuff in my bedroom. I also love how it means I really can separate work and play - and can remain focused on doing work without being distracted.

Although it's still a work in progress at the moment, I really can't wait to properly decorate the room - but at the moment I simply love being able to just organise all of my things.

Yay for organisation!

Being the cool kid that I am, I've even brought a diary and decorated it with this uber-awesome Marvel print - I freaking love it! Having this also means I can be so much more organised with my life - as I never really get along with the calendar on my phone (takes too long for me!).

My new study has also meant that in breaks between studying, I get to dive into this new blog and continue to write posts for you. One of my favourite things to do in go through the process of writing a blog post (taking pictures etc.).

I can now really focus on organising my bedroom, and mainly my clothes, meaning creating fashion posts such as outfit of the days is going to be so much easier.

I have loads of different posts lined up and in the making, and many being planned in my head (and now my new diary..!). So look out for my fashion post up next. 

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